Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need To Join Yoga Alliance?

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Yoga Alliance is a significant term for yoga teachers. There are some drawbacks and some benefits of joining this organization.

What Is Yoga Alliance?

It is the largest non-profit organization in the United States containing a list of yoga teachers and schools. It also happens to be a recognized organization the world over and is also quite famous for its credibility. Those who join this institution feel that they are a part of the best yoga institute in the world. This institution sets training standards for yoga teachers in various schools and training centers. It is a voluntary registration organization where yoga teachers can get their certification from, after learning yoga.

Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?
Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?

What Are The Benefits For Yoga Teachers Joining Yoga Alliance?

Directory Listing

The Yoga Alliance gives a separate profile to each yoga teacher. This is also listed in their directory page. Under this profile, you not only get more visibility, but all your past experience, your training, and your capabilities are listed.

Increased Credibility

Once you have been listed on the Directory page of Yoga Alliance, you increase your credibility as a yoga teacher as this is a world-renowned institute.


When you become a part of this organization, you increase your networking. You meet like-minded people who share the same passion for yoga as you do.

Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?
Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?

Online Workshops

When you are part of Yoga Alliance, you get access to free online workshops and webinars provided by expert yoga teachers. You need not pay separately to join the course.

Perks and Discounts

As a member of the Alliance, you are eligible for various insurances, legal counseling, and discounts on travel opportunities, funding for schools, essential oils, etc.

Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?
Yoga Teachers: Do You Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?

Is It Necessary For A Yoga Teacher To Join The Alliance?

While it is not necessary for a yoga teacher to join the Yoga Alliance, it is definitely beneficial. It gives you more recognition and also increases your potential clients. Some people feel that the annual membership fees are too high, while some find the long completion hours method very unnecessary. It is also possible to gain credibility without being a member of this institution easily. There are several other organizations that may grant you the same credibility as Yoga Alliance. The International Yoga Federation (IYF) is also a huge non-profit organization with around millions of certified and registered yoga teachers. IYF is similar to Yoga Alliance, but it offers three different yoga teacher training programs. The British Wheel of Yoga is a very popular yoga organization in the UK that caters to yoga memberships. This institution has some different courses and programs such as yoga anatomy and physiology, philosophy, mudra, asanas, bandha, etc.

 The Final Verdict For Yoga Teachers

It is absolutely not necessary to join the Yoga Alliance. It is a personal choice as some people feel proud to have the Yoga Alliance Seal along with their certificate, while some prefer opting for different methods. A teacher should be a good trainer, empathetic, passionate and humble about yoga and these qualities are enough to be a good yoga teacher.

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