Top Meditative Yoga Types That You Must Know About

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Yoga is a great form of exercise of the mind, body, and soul and it allows you to soothe the body. Meditation is an ancient tradition that was followed in some religions and it is very prevalent nowadays. It is not actually about the faith that you practice it is more about finding inner peace and finding awareness. Although there is no right or wrong way to do meditation, it is always better to find a way that suits your personality. 

Not all meditation types are suitable for everyone and they need different skill sets. Although there are numerous meditative yoga types that you can read about. Here is a list of three meditative yoga types that you can try and test. These types are altered according to personality and you can choose the one that you find is the best. Meditation is the best way to reduce stress and find some calm within a chaotic life. It is the one thing that soothes your mind and provides solace whenever you need it. 

Mindfulness Meditation

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This meditation type is very popular in the West and people practice it in a large number. The meditation is a part of the Buddhist teachings and it allows you to focus on your thoughts. You have to keep your attention on the thoughts that pass through your mind but without judging those thoughts. This is the best combination of concentration and awareness. You can also focus on an object or your breaths while you let the body feel sensations and the thoughts pass through your mind.

Spiritual Meditation

This meditation is a part of Hinduism and Daoism and is practised by people of these faiths. It allows you to remain silent and focus on your connection with God or the Universe. Some essential oils like lavender allow you to focus more while you perform this type of meditation. You can practice this meditative yoga type at home or in a spiritual place. This is the perfect type for people who thrive on silence and seek a spiritual connection with the almighty.

Focused Meditation

This meditation involves focus using the five senses of the body. You can focus on your breathing or any outside objects as well. Also, you can count mala beads, listen to the sound of a gong, or focus on a candle flame in this type of meditation. This may sound very simple but it is not very easy for beginners as they might find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. If your mind goes elsewhere then it becomes a hard task to come back and refocus. If you need some additional focus in your life then this is the meditation type that is perfect for you.


These are the three meditative yoga types that you must know about so that you can achieve calmness in your life. You can allow your mind to form a deeper connection with the help of these meditative yoga types. Meditation is the best way to achieve a  sense of normality in this chaos that is life.

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