Three Different Types of Yoga Postures

Types of Yoga Postures

Yoga helps your body become flexible and improves your balance. Here we will explain three different types of yoga postures.

Hatha Yoga

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There are many effective yoga poses and one such pose is the Bharadvja’s Twist known as Bharadvjasana in Sanskrit.

Bharadvaja, a Sanskrit word, can be translated as – One of the Seven Legendary Seers. This asan or pose is named after one of the seven legendary seers named Bharadvja who has composed numerous hymns in the ancient Vedas. Bharadvja’s Twist is a simple seated yoga pose which has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Bharadvja’s Twist

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It helps one to stretch the spine, hips and shoulders

It massages the abdominal organs of the body

Bharadvja helps in improving digestion and metabolism

It relieves neck pain, lower back pain and sciatica

It calms the mind and relieves stress

Beneficial for pregnant women, especially in their second trimester to strengthen their lower backs.

This pose helps to cure carpal tunnel syndrome

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga postures are quite different. The Paripurna Navasana is a deep hip and ab flexor strengthening yoga posture in which a person is required to balance on a tripod of the sitting bones and tailbones. One needs to fully stretch ahead the arms and legs in this pose. The body appears as if it is in a boat-like ‘V’ pose and hence the name – Boat Pose is derived. This asana is also called as the Naukasana. This asana requires a lot of endurance, flexibility and core strength in the body.

Benefits of Boat Pose Paripurna Navasana

This asana helps strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen

It helps to strengthen the hip flexors

This pose also helps in stretching the hamstrings

It helps to improve the alignment by stretching the spine

It tones the small and large intestines

It helps in strengthening the back muscles

It improves the functioning of the thyroid glands

It stimulates the kidneys and the prostate glands

It helps in relieving stress

It helps in improving balance of the body.

Core Yoga

Marjaryasana is one of the 12 basic yoga poses. It is best performed on an empty stomach with bowels cleared. The Sanskrit name is derived from Marjary meaning cat. It is also called as the Cat Pose. This pose resembles a cat arching its back after just waking up from a sitting position or sleeping position. This asana is generally performed in combination with the Bitilasana. The Bitilasana is the Cow Pose. These two poses are collectively also called as the ‘Cat Cow Pose’. These two can be performed individually too. When performed together, they render an overall preparatory warm-up for other asanas.

Benefits of Marjaryasana

This pose is ideal for beginners as it stretches the muscles of the back and abdomen. This pose reduces the stress by calming a person’s mind. It helps to create an emotional balance and increases the core strength.

These are three completely different types of yoga postures.

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