Learn About Sivananda Yoga And Try This Classical Sequence

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Sivananda yoga is another branch of this ancient Indian science of health and wellness. It is a type of yoga that enables practitioners to develop self-awareness. Sivananda yoga is a form of classical yoga that has a healing effect on the practitioner. It increases their thirst for self-awareness and self-introspection.  The asanas in this yoga are always balanced with relaxation and pranayama. This way, the practitioner learns to control the mind. You need to follow a vegan diet. The practitioner also needs to think positively in order to control the mind. Sivananda yoga is all about healthy eating, positive thinking, self-awareness, mind control. It also includes developing a connection with the universe.

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Learn About Sivananda Yoga and Then Try This Classical Sequence

Methodology Behind The Sequence Of Sivananda Yoga

There is a core sequence in this yoga form that involves 12 postures. These have to be done in a particular order along with periodic relaxation poses such as the Corpse Pose. Each asana is interconnected with the preceding one. The main aim behind these asanas is to cultivate a calm mind, meditative mental state and self-awareness. The sequences can be modified according to physical abilities or time restrictions. You can even complete the sequences in just 30 minutes. You can even extend them all up to 3 hours. The postures help to develop body strength, flexibility, and balance. When performed slowly, each posture can take the form of meditation.


Pranayama -Breathing

You can practise 4 main exercises in Pranayama. These are deep abdominal breathing, full yogic breathing, Anuloma Viloma, and Kaphalabhati.

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutations

These are practiced prior to the Sivananda yoga asanas as a warm-up exercise. The sun salutations include a set of 12 poses. All these are interlinked by movement and breath.

Savasana  – Corpse Pose

This pose helps you transition your mind from busy thoughts to complete silence and self-awareness. You just have to lie down on the mat and focus on your breath. Perform this pose for 1 minute.

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Learn About Sivananda Yoga and Then Try This Classical Sequence

Single And Double Leg Raises

These exercises help you increase the flexibility in your calf muscles. They also stretch your hamstrings. These will later prepare your body for the more intense forward-bending asanas and headstands. These asanas help to strengthen your abdomen. They also provide relief from back pain.

Sirshasana – Headstand

This is an inverted pose. Only experienced practitioners perform it. This pose helps to improve circulation and also relieve pressure on the back. These, when practiced regularly, help to prevent back issues.

Sarvangasana – Shoulderstand

This asana stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Moreover, it encourages deep abdominal breathing. Similarly, this sequence includes the Halasana and Matsyasana .

Forward Bends

Next comes the forward bend asanas. The Paschimotasana stretches the spine and massages the internal organs. It increases flexibility in the upper and also in the lower back both.

Backward Bends

These include Bhujangasana, Salabhasana and Danurasana.

Twists, Standing and Balancing Poses

After performing the backward bends, Sivananda yoga involves asanas such as Ardamatsyasana and Kakasana. These also help you prepare your mind for full meditation. You then perform the standing forward bend and also, the Trikonasana.

Final Relaxation

Again the body gets into corpse pose for final relaxation. This helps to completely relax the body and mind.

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