Hatha Yoga Postures For Beginners

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In yoga, there are multiple branches. Each type deals with specific types of postures to gain specific results. Hatha yoga is one such branch that deals with dynamic postures and movements. It includes Power Yoga and other examples to let the body learn willful action. The most exciting part is that it activates the body to calm it down and prepares the body for meditation.

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If you are a beginner trying to learn yoga on your own, here are some basic postures of hatha yoga that you can practice. Before you start practicing these postures, make sure that you are prepared for the same. If you are on a specific medication or recovering from an injury, visit a doctor to ensure you are ready. When you are ready, try these four basic postures of hatha yoga to see an excellent result.

Hatha Yoga: Tadasana

Also known as mountain pose, this posture rectifies body postures and also makes the mind calm. To begin with, this asana, stand straight on a yoga mat. Keep your arms by your side, and your feet close. You need to distribute the weight evenly between both your feet. Now, raise your hands upwards to reach the pranam or prayer position while inhaling. Look straight and stay on the position while keeping normal breath for 60 seconds. Go back to the initial position and repeat five to ten times.

Hatha Yoga: Vrikshasana

It is also known as the tree pose. You need to begin this asana from the mountain pose. Keep your hips apart and ground your feet firmly on the floor. Now, lift your leg high Stay in the position and take a normal breath. Balancing your body is essential in this particular posture. Then, look forward and hold the position for 40-60 seconds. You can repeat this asana five to ten times a day.


It is like standing forward in a bending posture. To start with, stand with your spine straight. Keep your hands close you your hips. Now, take a deep breath and straighten your arms up towards the roof. Then, exhale and bend down at your hips. Try to reach your arms towards the floor and then rest your palms at the back of your ankles. Hold this asana for 20-30 seconds.

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Adho Mukha Svanasana

Start this asana at a tabletop posture. Keep the shoulders and knees close to the hips. Now, exhale and curl the toes inside. You need to extend your legs by uplifting the knees above the yoga mat. Then, try to uplift your body towards the roof. Hold for thirty seconds and go back to the initial posture. You can repeat this asana five to ten times a day.

Above are four hatha yoga postures that you can try at home. These postures have multiple physical and mental benefits that will keep you fit and active. Hatha yoga is one of the best branches of yoga that deals with the control of the entire body. To know more about yoga and physical exercises, follow our website.

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