Bikram Yoga: Most Famous Indian Yoga

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Bikram Yoga is known as one of the most famous Yoga styles in the world. In the early 1990s, it was introduced into the United States by Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Chaudhuri. Bikram Yoga is an exercise method that originated in Bhopal, India in which the participants perform a series of yoga exercises under the strict instruction of a trained instructor.

Part Of American Culture: Bikram Yoga

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Bikram Yoga became an integral part of American culture when Choudhuri introduced it to the US in the late 1980s. Since then, it has been used by many celebrities and fitness instructors. They include Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Pamela Anderson. Choudhuri is currently suing Yoga studios in the Eastern Village of New York for plagiarizing his signature set of yoga exercises. Choudhuri claims he owns the exclusive rights to his set of 26 poses, and claims that Gumucio’s original Traditional Hot Yoga classes are an illegal ripoff of this concept.

Legitimate Style Of Excercise: Bikram Yoga

While many people may not consider Bikram Yoga a legitimate style of exercise, it actually falls into that category. The primary difference between Bikram and other styles of yoga, though, is that many of the poses are designed to mimic the conditions found in a hot, crowded room with limited room to move around. While other styles of Yoga are designed to be challenging and will help you work on your strength and flexibility.

Gumucio, the founder of the Traditional Hot Yoga, argues that poses were meant to mimic conditions in a crowded room. But not to mimic conditions in a hot, crowded room. Gumucio also maintains that the yoga poses in Bikram pose are designed to be difficult enough to work on both your balance and coordination. But not so difficult that you cannot walk or stand after finishing the class.

Studio In New York City

For the most part, the lawsuits over Bikram are between studio owners, not Bikrams. Gumucio originally started a Yoga studio in New York City called Yoga On The Square. But closed it in 2020, claiming that he would never recoup his investment in it. Eventually, though, he decided to open another studio in the trendy New York City neighborhood of SoHo. Gumucio then moved his studio to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which is more suited to Bikrams than Gyms.

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Bikrams who have sued over Bikram have had to go to great lengths to try and prove their rights in this lawsuit. Such as creating a series of videos to go along with their complaint. But, without the videos, many people might not know how Bikram looks like. Let alone where the similarities in positions come from. As far as the court system goes, there are no legal stipulations surrounding these videos, making it hard for Bikram studios to prove that they have been infringed upon.

The best way to resolve these kinds of disputes is for both sides to come to an agreement. It can be based on their own interpretation of what exactly is infringement. But it can be difficult to do so in a court of law, especially if a case goes to trial. If you have questions about how it works or what the similarities between Bikram and other styles of Yoga are, the best advice is to seek out a Yoga instructor and ask them.

Final Words

This might seem like an impossible task. But it will be worth asking a certified instructor as they are generally more knowledgeable about Yoga than most other people. They are also generally more qualified to give you unbiased, thorough explanations. They tell you one method is better than the other since they have seen both in practice and in person. These instructors are usually more willing to discuss any and all variations of Bikrams and any other style, as well.

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